My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School



27th April 2019

Dear Maeve,

I’m just on my way home from my travels in China. I have had the most amazing trip. I am very excited to tell you about my almost unbelievable adventures. I began my journey in the capital, Beijing. I started early for the Great Wall of China in Jinshanling. The trip was long but fun. I got talking to some local people who taught me Chinese and some popular traditional songs. Everyone was giddy and excited. Eventually, we arrived in Jinshanling. The great wall was beautiful. It went on for miles. I was overcome to be at one of the world’s most famous historic landmarks. The tour guide was telling us the wall was built as a protective shield from China’s northern enemies when a ferocious scream filled the air. I looked around for the source of the terrifying shriek. I was taken aback to see a physically imposing giant panda advancing menacingly in my direction! It growled. I was petrified. Around me, I heard the sounds of people yelling and making good their escape. The panda swiped his paw taking aim at my face. I tilted my head back just in time. This made the panda angry. He renewed his attack. I tried to stay calm and think of all the evasive manoeuvres my Tae Kwon Do black belt friend taught me. We steadied ourselves. It reminded me of the movie Kung Fu Panda which of course I haven’t seen. We were Karate chopping and kicking the air. I needed to fight him off. I made a sudden dive for his stomach and wrapped my arms tight around his big belly. I tried to force him onto the ground but he was too strong. The giant panda smacked me against the Great Wall with such force I’m sure it created another crack in the ancient bricks. He roared in my face. His breath stank of meat and bamboo. ‘Ewww’, I ewed, ‘that’s disgusting’. He looked slightly offended momentarily and I took that as my chance to make a leap for the top of the wall. I jumped high and clasped the edge of the precipice. I thought I had escaped him. I was climbing over the verge. I felt his paws grasping at my leg. I tried with all my might to haul myself clear of his flailing assault. I was pulling myself upwards and he was pulling me down. I was trying to get clear but it wasn’t easy as he had a tight grip of my leg and he was pulling it. I tried with all my resolve and every ounce of strength I could summon to pull myself to safety but it was so hard as he held my leg and he was pulling and pulling. There I was, hanging from the Great Wall of China, with a vicious panda bear pulling my leg, a bit like I’m pulling yours now.

All the best.

See you soon.