My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

98 Sudo Lane,

Hector Street,

Bora Bora.

1st April 2019

Dear Mom,

I am having the best time here in Bora Bora, so much that I have extended my holiday by three weeks! I am staying in the Hilton Resort; it is amazing the water is crystal clear and our villa is over the ocean. I don’t think I could ever get sick of waking up to the view of an endless sea. Everyone here is so nice and helpful, the locals are great fun when we go out at night. I think a big part of the locals being so nice is the island is so small, so everyone knows each other. We fit in like we have lived here forever! I wish you could see it! The resort is second to none, the staff here are so helpful we have even become friends with one of the waitresses. Her name is Sarah she is originally from Edinburgh she loved it here so much she stayed and made a life for herself. Our villa is huge, we have four bedrooms (they all have an ensuite!), a big kitchen which has a joining living room looking out on the sea. Our villa is literally over the ocean it is amazing! Outside we have a private small pool stream line with the decks again topped off with the ocean backdrop! The coolest part is that we have a waterslide running from the upstairs balcony into the ocean! It is like a dream. We mostly do different activities every day, for example, we went jet skiing, it was scary at first, but I got a hang of it shortly after we started; another day we went swimming with water hogs! They are literally swimming pigs; I didn’t even know pigs could swim. Sarah the waitress we befriended gave us lots of tips on where to go and what to see. We climbed a mountain the other day it was so tough I am still sore from it! Just yesterday we went on a boat trip out to see baby sharks and swim with dolphins, all supervised of course!! On Thursday we are going to Sarah’s boyfriends 27th birthday party, I’m really looking forward to it! Later today we are going shopping, I must get an outfit for the party and a few new t-shirts and things like that for the next few weeks. We will get a boat to the main land then get a taxi to the shopping centre. Everything is dear here but worth it, we’re having a ball! Enough about me, when you write back send me a picture of everyone, I want to know what’s going on I feel like I’m missing so much being away! I will be back on the 20th of April all going well.

Tell dad I said hi and I’ll keep you updated on what is going on over here!

Talk soon, Orla.