My day in the Big Apple

Ard scoil nDéise, Dungarvan

A Letter Home

New York City,

New York,



Dear Mam and Dad,

Today was the craziest day ever, it was my first day in New York City. This morning I took a taxi from the hotel to Central Park. While walking through the park there was a scent of sweet pastry wafting through the air. In front of me I could see this crimson red pretzel vendor. I decided to buy one. The soft, warm and salty pretzel was incredible. I strolled over to the picturesque lake. The idyllic scene took my breath away, the clear blue lake was silent except for the gentle slashing of oars rowing tourists across the perfectly transparent lake.

As I relaxed against the wooden park bench overlooking the beautiful scenery I could hear a high pitched chirping noise behind me. As I twisted my head I almost jumped off the bench with fright. I realised that there was a blood red squirrel directly behind me – its small beady eyes glaring at my delicious pretzel ! In the blink of an eye the squirrel pounced, I tried to shake its tiny paws off the pastry. I hopped off the bench the creature was gripping on to my snack as if it’s life depended on it.  I darted towards the lake while the squirrel scurried after me. I was so fixated on escaping from the squirrel that I forget to stop running. There was a large splash as I tumbled headfirst into the freezing lake, several innocent tourists getting soaked in the process.

I hobbled out of the lake shivering uncontrollably, the squirrel was nowhere in sight and neither was my pretzel. I tried to hail a taxi but it was no good. The canary yellow taxis whizzed up and down the street swerving around pedestrians and other vehicles without a care in the world.   People were beginning to stare at me in my soaking wet clothes, so I decided to get off the street and take the subway. As I entered the crowded, noisy underground station I was immediately lost. Eventually I got my bearings and hopped on to the the train.

The sun was beginning to fade as I exited the station.  I quickly realised that I had made a mistake. I had got on the wrong subway. I was in Times Square! It was breathtaking. The brightly illuminated billboards lit up the night sky. This major tourist destination and entertainment centre was absolutely fantastic or as the Yanks say ‘awesome’. There were street performers in ridiculous outfits. It was one of the busiest places I have ever seen. It was an unbelievably fascinating experience which I will never forget. As I headed back to the hotel I was in awe of my adventure through New York City. While the taxi manoeuvered it’s way through the traffic I watched the neon lights twinkle and fade into the distance.

Life is certainly exciting in the Big Apple.

See you soon,

Love Abi.