My Calling

St Clare's Comprehensive Manorhamilton Co leitrim

Dear family,

It is imperative that I tell you my news, the news that I have found a calling, my calling! I know that I am making little sense, but please, keep an open mind, for you to understand I’ll have to start at the beginning… As you know, I have always dreamt of travelling the world. What you might not know is the depths that this desire had reached prior to my trip – how it nearly consumed me – this need to explore the furthest reaches of the earth. For as long as I can remember, it has been a constant itch – a burning sensation that flows through me – infuriating at times, but mostly compelling. What I didn’t realise until now was that it was never a simple desire to travel, but an insatiable urge to find a calling, my calling. I began my journey immersed in the gaily green of Aer Lingus, I sunk into my luxurious chair and awaited the new soil that would soon greet my eager feet. Upon reaching this spectacular city: Prague, I was immediately besotted with its magic. The winding, cobbled streets and towering buildings capturing me in their spell. The colours, the smell of baking, luxurious boutiques and the mesmerising historical sites were all phenomenal and each of them holding their own characteristic atmosphere. I was enchanted. The city at night is as beautiful as in the day. On nights when the moon shines bright enough to illuminate the unlighted path’s, I like to walk through the meandering streets, following the voices that can be heard embedded into the fabric of this city. It was one such night, when I was drawn from bed by the icy blue glow of the moon and into the glistening frost-covered streets, that I came across an alleyway cloaked in a shadow and nestled between two towering sandstone buildings. Although the more disconcerting thing was the silence, it seemed to emanate from the shadows and engulf me in its embrace. I spent some time staring into the shadows, straining to make out even the slightest of shapes but I could see nothing but blackness. I was entranced, beguiled and bewitched…I nearly stepped beneath the crumbling arch, I nearly walked into the shadows. If it hadn’t been for the echoing of the cathedral bells snapping me from the trance, I probably would have. The street was as deserted as it had been before I noticed the alleyway: all the shutters on the surrounding buildings were sealed and no light leaked through the slats. As the last echoing chime rolled over the silent city, I turned again to the shadowy lane… I returned to the same place the following morning to find only stone wall, but I found myself on another abandoned street and facing another intriguing entrance. This one was a door, smooth dark wood chipped and aged – settled securely into the surrounding stone. The city is slowly revealing its mysteries to me and I find myself unable to deny the invitation. Mom, Dad, what I am trying to say is that I think that I have found my passion, my calling. I feel obliged to discover the world, find the gateways to our past and follow some of the roads less travelled.

I will be home soon but the voices in my head, those of histories forgotten – they have awoken me.

With love,

Your daughter