Gaelcholaiste luimnigh


I know that it has been a while but I am coming home for summer. I am really excited to catch up with you all. I have missed the town. I remember being there, going to the beach on a warm day getting ice cream being so happy. I remember going to the carnival and going in the bumper cars and just smiling or when we went to the theme park and I went on roller coasters and then falling over when I got off of it and just you guys being there. I remember going to that restaurant near the beach that had that amazing, beautiful view of the beach the water looking cold as the sun went away eating and laughing and joking with ye and then falling asleep only to the something else the next day such as playing mini-golf with ye and getting unbelievably competitive and trying our hardest to win but there was always that one part where I would get stuck and then lose the game. It never bothered me because I just had a way to much fun while playing it and then coming home to watch tv usually a comedy and laughing or playing a board game having so much fun even though I am absolutely horrible at playing them. It was fun seeing ye win make extreme progress and being so confident and then the next minute you’re there back to square one just laughing the that contagious laugh of yours now that I think of it. My favourite memory is just being at home and talking before all of the craziness I am so happy to be coming back maybe we could do some of that stuff again like go to the beach or just walk around town going into stores that we knew absolutely nothing about

Do you remember that time there was a storm we all ran into the house while you stayed in the car for half an hour?

All in all, I will see you soon