Mars Bars, Starburst and the Milky Way

St. John of God Primary School

Dear Mum and Dad,

We have landed safely on Mars. It took nine months to get here. It is so cool here ( but very hot too). This morning we went out onto Mars and explored. We found a lot of metals. On our way here we saw the last mission to Mars. It was fascinating. I really cannot believe I am in Space. The Mars Bars, Star-busts and ┬áMilky Way are not what you would expect here! (I’m pretty sure they have nothing to do with chocolate or sweets). We have to share our food because there is not enough for everyone. This morning I was trying to drink water with my breakfast but it turned into bubbles and floated into the air. I had to try and catch them in my mouth. We can play the most amazing games here like to see how many floating ‘M&Ms’ you can catch in your mouth or floating pizza Frisbee. Brushing my teeth isn’t that different from home. I use a regular brush and toothpaste, except that I have to swallow the toothpaste which is disgusting. Here on Mars, it’s very hot so I have to wear a special suit and when I go to sleep I have to strap myself into a sleeping bag on the wall. Anyway, I must go to bed now. I wish you were here and I’ll see you soon.

From your astronaut daughter,