Map of Seoul

Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh

Dear Mom,

I’m here in the soul of Korea finally, see what I did there? Well anyways I’m just writing home to see how you’re doing and how my trip has been so far. I know I could’ve texted you and all but you told me you like when I write letters to you, so here we are! So far the trip has been good and even though it takes lots of effort to learn Korean I’m doing well with it so far  The places here are so great and designed really nicely, but it’s also really intimidating to see everyone looking like a model or an actor haha,  I got lost at one stage actually and went around asking for maps ,which was a bit stupid at the time since no one speaks too much English here ,But I bumped into someone though and I started speaking in the Korean I already knew and he told me my accent was good ,but I can speak English to him, well okay?? It was a bit odd and I think he was Australian! We ended up hanging out for a while so I think we’re friends now which is great because he can speak Korean and I can’t sooo. I was shown around the place and Seoul has some really nice landscapes and buildings. Most of its the city though I got some strange looks from people which was sort of confusing since I don’t have anything odd or different about me, like vibrant hair or tattoos. When I went to the apartment I rented I was so shocked! It was so nice and cleaner than most hotels, and it only cost me like 199867 won, which is around 150€. Oh and that guy I mentioned that I bumped into a while ago! His name was Chris, he kind of scared me at the start when I did bump into him but then as I said, we hung out and we’re friends I think, he told me he was a trainee in something but I didn’t hear so I’ll ask him tomorrow.

As for the food here, Wow! It’s absolutely amazing, it’s all so different than what we have at home and the street food tastes really nice, the workers at the restaurant are very polite and always have some tricks to do for customers! I’m really happy that I get to stay here for like 3 months and I hope I can stay longer ,I didn’t expect it to be too much like this just on the first few days so yeah…Well I’ll see you in a few months!

Enjoy your time without me haha, just kidding I know you love me too much for that, but you should come here with me next time and I can introduce you to my new friends, bye bye and once again I’ll see you in a few months!