Mama’s reassurance

GaelCholáiste Luimnigh


Dearest Mama,

I have arrived. I am here. America is far more different than I imagined.  It has been so long since I have seen you last. Although I try to be strong, the strength I have is withering away. I miss you all so very much. I really really do. I do hope you can manage with the little ones. I am staying with this single lady called Adelia. She is oh so kind. She had told me I could stay as long as I want until I find somewhere of my own. Oh mama how great could it be if you all could come here to America! The little ones could get an education. We would all be much happier together. But there is only God and prayer that will take us there. The journey was awful, beating rain, hail and lightning strikes. I had never been more terrified. Perhaps the only thing that kept me alive on the journey was prayer. The angels guided me that night and I will be forever grateful. It is time to put my best foot forward. I am in hope that maybe somewhere I can find some work, any work at all. It is in the comfort that I don’t need to leave Miss Adelia soon because I would be left with nothing. But, I can’t outstay my welcome either. After all, I am very lucky to find some that will take me in there were other girls on the boat too. Some are my age, some older and they had nobody else but themselves. I was utterly shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I am very grateful for miss Adelia.

I hope you all keep well and I do love you very much. I hope to make you proud.

Your dearest daughter,