Mallorca Adventure – Letter

Glenamaddy Community School

Sol Cala d’Or Apartments,

Carrer dels Ravells,


Cala d’Or.

29th July 2018

Dear Grandma and Grandad,

Hello! I hope you’re both well. As you know I’m on holiday with mum, Cormac, Gemma and Elliot in Mallorca. The weather is amazing, blazing sun everyday. Makes a change from the rain. There’s so much to tell you, so I’ll get started!

Once we landed, the excitement that was building since we got in the taxi that morning exploded. We disembarked, collected our luggage and went to find our transfer to the hotel. We checked in, found our room and discovered we could see the balcony of Elliot’s apartment. I sent him a text and told him to stand on their balcony. He came out and we realised we could shout across to each other. After a bit of shouting we thought it might be irritating to people in between and resorted to waving. Once everyone settled in and got changed, it was time for the beach. Elliot bought an inflatable unicorn and called it Jeffery. Safe to say Jeffery went to every beach and pool trip with us for the week.

So far, we have visited the beach every day. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is lovely, golden and warm. After the beach one day we went to a bar, and here starts a story. I ordered a delicious fruit mocktail and the adults had sangria. While we were there Gemma had the bright idea to go to the beauty salon nearby and have a treatment where little fish nibble away at your feet. I was all up for it, so was Elliot. Mum, not so much. She managed to avoid the trip this time, but she didn’t get away with it for long. We went in and were given a very warm welcome and shown to where the fish tanks were. I sat with Elliot and we spent most of our time in fits of laughter. We were given a drink of water and not just in a normal glass, a champagne flute! That made us feel a bit sophisticated. We managed to drag mum back the next day! That’s a story for when I see you again.

We went for a tour of the island and visited so many nice places. It was different to see areas other than the beach and pool. The scenery here is stunning. The first main stop was at a port. After a break for lunch we boarded a boat and it took us to a little inlet of water and a beautiful hidden beach. I went swimming and we walked through a tunnel in a cliff to the hidden beach. The temperature went up by nearly 7 degrees! I got some stunning photos; I can’t wait to show you them.

Unfortunately, our time here is coming to an end. None of us want to leave! We fly back in 2 days’ time. We’ve had a blast! I wish you both had come with us.

See you soon!

Your best granddaughter,