Lots of Fun in the Sun

Presentation P.S, Clonmel

Hey Mom and Dad,

I had so much fun in Spain. I loved Portaventura with all its rollercoasters, water slides and shows. The shows could be about birds or how to teach Spanish dancing. They taught me new things and it was amazing. I went on the biggest rollercoaster there. It was scary but at the same time lots of fun. A few days ago we went to the beach and it was so beautiful. There were seagulls and even the ocean was warm. Later on at night there was a beach party and I went to it. The music was loud and people were laughing and dancing. The next morning I woke up, ate some delicious breakfast and headed to the beach. My grandparents went para sailing. They said that they saw dolphins and that from up high the ocean looked amazing. After Spain I went to Poland to visit my family. My cousin and I started going horse riding. They taught us how to ride a horse, how to clean the horses and we also sometimes went on trips with the horses to the forest. The forest was so adventurous. We found a waterfall and a few squirrels. We took some fruit so we could eat them later at home. Anyways I have to go now because I’m going to eat some ice-cream!

Love from your daughter,