St Catherine's College

Clodagh Toal

12 Privet Drive


BT61 9AR

Frenjesca Mallon

21 Parliament Road


BT61 4PB


Dear Frenjesca,

How are you?

Just writing to tell you all about what’s happening here in London. It’s really nice over here, all the people are really lovely and friendly. I started my new school last week but it just wasn’t the same without you. I wish we didn’t have to move here for dad’s new job but hopefully I’ll see you in the summer. My new form tutor’s name is Mrs McQuaid, she really nice, she tells us stories about when she travelled the world. I made new friends called Veronica and Martina, they’re quite nice and such good craic, Martina was really wacky today with her helping me settle in. The strictest teacher is Mr Connolly, he acts all tough but he’s actually really sound. The boys are good craic here too, you would love them and not too bad looking either. Not many people understand our accent and Jack’s already managed to chat up all the girls, he’s got a date with one tonight.

Our house is lovely too, it has five bedrooms; three bathrooms; two living rooms and a massive back garden. We are going to Alton Towers today, I’ll let you know later how it goes later, I’m signing off for now and I’ll finish writing to you when I get back.

OMG, it was so good, The Smiler goes so high and so fast, I thought I was going to be sick when we went upside down. The ride Rita was so much fun too. Dad and Mandy seem to be enjoying their new jobs and Jack seems to be settling in as well, I really mum and wee sisters but I get talking to them all the time on the phone.

You will never guess who I seen yesterday walking down the street, it was Diane Buswell and Joe Sugg, I got a picture with them, they must of thought I was crazy, but the picture is class. There is so many things to do here like we are going to Brighton tomorrow to see if we can find Saffron Barker, Zoella, Alfie Deyes or the fizz family. Please write back to me soon filling me in on all that is going on, especially in English, is Mrs Black still as cross as ever, Is Caitlin still going out with Peter? O I’m missing all the gossip so much, its just not the same anymore.

I want to hear about everything in Armagh, leave nothing out!!

With love,