Living it up in L.A.

Presentation P.S, Clonmel

Dear Jana

I’m so happy here in L.A. I love to go to the beach most days. It’s been sunny all the time while I’ve been here. I saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. I didn’t realise how long it went on for. I was silly enough to walk around Hollywood. If you ever manage to come, definitely take a car or a tourist bus. Even though it’s busy, you’d feel quite vulnerable walking around L.A by yourself. I took an abundance of pictures, which I’ll be glad to show you. My hotel is large. It takes ages for me to get to my room. It’s worth it though. The view is beautiful. I can look over the balcony at beautiful things. I got a picture of the Hollywood Sign right from my window. Yesterday I climbed up the mountain range. There were twelve other people with me, not including the guides. It was lovely and peaceful. There are so many eccentric little shops in L.A. I got you a present in one of them! One exciting thing is that I saw two celebrities. I will leave you guessing! I get quite homesick sometimes, but overall I love it here. I know you would too. Tomorrow I am heading to Miami which I’m excited about. Even though I’d love to stay in L.A, all good things must come to an end so I will be home in two weeks.

I’d love to catch up with you then.

Love, Emma