Life Moves On

St.Aidans CBS

When the alarm started ringing, Tom was still in bed. It was a bright day but still quite chilly. The time was 07:45, his room was dark apart from the sliver of light coming through the windows. Tom reluctantly got up, he turned to switch off the alarm. That was when he spotted his passport and that was when he realised that today was no ordinary day. He was going to Argentina as part of a school trip. His mood changed instantly and now he was excited. Little did he know that this day would change his life…

t was 09:00 when he reached the airport, the students were there accompanied by the teachers. It was quite a busy time of day. The shops and counters were filled with eager passengers ready for their trips. It was 12:00 when the flight took off. The plane soared through the air, as it left behind the airport and its surroundings. Soon, they were in the clouds. A sudden feeling of tiredness followed and soon the ambiance caused Tom to doze off. It was a ten-hour journey and the lack of turbulence meant that they were expected half an hour earlier. As they flew above the Amazon Rainforest, a sudden storm emerged. It happened within a blink of an eye, the lightning was ferocious as it hit the rear of the plane. The hole in the plane disrupted the flow of oxygen and Tom found it hard to breath, his skin went purple and his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was still attached to the seat, but he wasn’t in the plane anymore. His head started spinning as he looked around to see the ever growing trees around him. He had to get out. He couldn’t move his left arm as he struggled out of his seat belt. His first instinct was to find the plane, so he wandered in the direction of the broken branches and logs. The sight he saw was both beautiful and horrific, he was on the edge of a massive waterfall and at the bottom he spotted the remains of the plane. That was when two choices crossed his mind, he could jump off the edge and spare himself the slow, painful and unlikely escape or he could follow his fate. After all, there was a reason why he survived. After the first week of sleepless nights and cautious days, Tom grew accustomed to life in the forest. He realised that his imagination was the thing that scared him and that reality was often better than what it seemed to be. That was the last I saw of Tom. Tom is considered by the public as dead and maybe is. Although, somewhere in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, I still have faith in his survival. I have dedicated my life now to find him and one day I will.

This letter is proof that life can go on even in the unlikeliest of places.