life in florida

John Scottus NS

Dear Ryan,

I’m having a great day in Florida. We had to take two planes to get here. We had to rush to the second plane because the first one was late. The weather here is hot; it is predicted to be 40 degrees Celsius out tomorrow.

We went to a water park yesterday. It was awesome but I could only get on three rides because everyone was tired because we had not slept in hours. But of course, I  was not tired.   So into the second day… I went on a helicopter to Skull Island you know where that giant ape lives. It was amazing!  There was a treasure map there and we had to find the treasure chest. Of course, though it was not real, it was fun. So when we got on the helicopter it felt like I was hovering over the world.  The tops of the trees below looked like tiny bushes.   Third day in… I went swimming with dolphins. It was fun, oh and there were other fish too, but everyone paid attention to the dolphins. You had to hold on to the dolphin’s back fin when you were swimming with them.  If you hold on tight, the dolphin pulls you along.   I  have to go but I will talk to you tomorrow about the food and the roller coaster. Oh now I really have to go; the pool is calling me.

Yours sincerely,