Ard Scoil na nDeise

Dear brother:

Hey! How are things going at home? I hope everything is okay. It’s been ages since the last we talked, I’m sorry for not write, but honestly these pasts weeks have been mental. I can’t believe this is my last month in here, my last month as an exchange student. It seems like yesterday when I was crying at the airport saying goodbye to you all. And now there’s just a few weeks left. To be honest with you I don’t want this to end, I mean I want to come back to home to see you, mom and dad, but at the same time I don’t want this experience to end.   I still remember my first weeks in here, trying to understood at least one sentence of what they were telling me. I suppose that is why I was feeling so lonely, cause even though everyone talked to me and everyone tried to make me feel comfortable I was feeling really out of place. It is such a bad feeling. I remember I was sitting at the classes trying to understand something, and I was thinking how the hell I am going to survive until December? But then as the weeks pass, I started realising it wasn’t that bad, I was starting to enjoy it! I was feeling closer to my friends group and I started feeling more confident to speak English, and then one day I stopped feeling out of place, I started feeling like this was the best place to be. Do you remember when I was writing my first letter to you? Telling you about my school’s first day.  It was such a mental and hard day for me to be honest. Cause as I said before I wasn’t able to understand half of the things they were telling me, so the ninety percent of my answers were yes or laugh and expect that I didn’t mess up. I entered in my second class of the day, German; of course I was late because I didn’t know where the class was. So I sat in the first empty chair I saw, the girl who was sitting next to me started telling me the words she knew in Spanish,  so I was thinking thank of god I understand this, after a while she told me something like: “oh you are going to get sick of me” as a joke, but I didn’t understand her so I asked her to repeat it, I didn’t get it the second time either so I choose to laugh and say yes, and I saw her face and I realised that yes wasn’t the answer she was expecting.  Despite of that I became a really close friend to her. And that was just one of the thousands of awkward situations that I have lived in here. Not to mention when I said s*** instead of sheet of paper in front of all my science class. Or what about all the times I was walking around town and then a random stranger just shout at me: “HOLA!” and we ended up making new friends just because for that. I am going to miss that as well I even going to miss the awkward situations, I don’t know I suppose I’m just going to miss Ireland in general.

I think I’m going to finish my letter before I get more emotional and I start crying, hope you have an amazing graduation this Friday.

Love you and see you soon! -Cristina P.D. they still don’t know how to write my name