Letter to Home

Coola Post Primary School


Co. Sligo

Dear Mum,

Only another thirty-three days until I return to you, Dad and Lily, how I have missed you all. I suppose being Irish means I have to talk about the weather. This past week the sun has been beaming down on me, making it even tougher to work. As if the conditions and heartbreak for these people weren’t enough. The food hasn’t changed since the last time I wrote to you, grains of white rice with dry goat’s meat. Although this has been our staple meal since I arrived here in September, breakfast has improved, it has changed from some sort of gloopy porridge to a plentiful supply of fresh fruit, which is so tasty. Lunch here can vary from a bowl of broth like soup to a plain sandwich, neither are too bad really. I guess it’s silly of me to even complain. I am living like a queen in comparison to the kids I teach. They don’t have much. It has been very tough for the children in my class lately because one of my students passed away from Malaria, a disease that affects many children here. It was so heart-breaking she was loved by everyone in the class, she was so lovely, kind, polite and hardworking. She didn’t deserve to die so young with her whole life ahead of her. Despite this, life at school has been very positive in recent weeks, the school received a grant allowing them to build more classrooms and to provide higher quality food for the student’s lunch. At my apartment the girls I live with are lovely and it’s so interesting to learn about them because one of them is from America. They are both teachers here too. Although I came home to Ireland at Christmas. It feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than four months. Sometimes I long for home and my comfortable, safe life in Ireland. However, It has to be said, the quality of life here in Uganda has improved a lot in the past few years. I’m glad I am here helping those less fortunate than I get a good education.

All my love,