Letter home from Rome

Ard Scoil na nDeise, Dungarvan


I am coming back from Rome tomorrow with a fun trip a had. When I got to Rome, I booked a room in Ariston Hotel, it cost me a bit of money but that was okay. It was worth it cause where would I be sleeping? Anyway,I got some sleep. The next morning I got up, got dressed, ate a sandwich. I packed for and of I went exploring.

The first place I went to was the Colosseum. It was huge and the amount of people of people taking pictures including myself was a lot. Everyone waiting in line to see the ruins of the Colosseum but from my perspective it looked like people were waiting for Beyonce or one of the Kardashians. Moving on, after waiting in line patiently I finally got in there. It was amazing seeing all the ruins and reading a little bit about the history of each ruin.

I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t find any ruin that caught my eye. Also when I got out of there I got the best ice-cream ever;it was chocolate and pistachio. It tasted soft,crunchy and sweet. It was simply the best. After finishing my ice-cream I went back to my hotel, went on my phone for about an hour and fell asleep. The next morning I went shopping and bought you some gifts some really nice gifts but I won’t say what they are.

Love, Angel.