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St Josephs Spanish Point

                                                                                                                 San Francisco,


The USA.

14th  June 2018

Hi Mam and Dad,

It’s my last day here in San Francisco before I go to Los Angeles. How is everyone at home? Are the dogs missing me? I can’t wait to see their little faces again. Is there any exciting news from around at home? Is it getting a bit warmer there now? It’s quite hot here now nearly twenty-five degrees most days. I have had a great time here with my friends and it’s definitely been one of my favourite experiences. As you know the journey over here was quite long as our flight from London got delayed due to torrential rain and winds. I can’t believe we only have a few days left on our holiday.   When we got to our hotel in New York we hopped into bed and we were fast asleep once our heads hit the pillow, it had been a long and draining day travelling. Our hotel was in Times Square so were situated in the centre of the city. Times Square was so lit up at night. The whole area was buzzing with energy. After breakfast the following morning we took a long stroll around Central Park. I could hear all the birds chirping loudly We spent that afternoon and evening in Times Square taking in all the views and the hustle and bustle of the area. The next day we went on a ferry to Staten Island and we got to visit the Statue of Liberty. I loved this experience, it was amazing to finally see the famous statue. It was always something I had on my bucket list. During the week I spent there we visited the Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller centre, The Grand Central Terminal, The 9/11 memorial, and of course I did some window shopping on Fifth Avenue and got a few pictures outside the Plaza hotel. New York City is something out of this world. We were gradually adjusting to the time difference. Next on our list was San Francisco.       We arrived over in San Francisco at about ten o’clock that night so we went straight to the hotel as we had spent most of the day travelling over there. Our room had the most spectacular view of the city lights at night. In the morning we were up for the sunrise because of our jet lag but the views were incredible. We went on a walk about to find a cute little cafe that does breakfast. Of course, you know what I went for… yes, PANCAKES!! I got chocolate sauce all over them, they were absolutely delicious. We got a cable car ride around the city as I always wanted to do this since seeing it in the film “The Princess Diaries” when I was younger. All the hills are so steep it’s crazy to see. We had lunch and walked around a few shops for a little look. We went for a walk about to see where we could hire bikes to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. We decided to do it at sunset to get the best pictures. So then we went for dinner first and got huge pizzas, I couldn’t finish it. I just wanted to take pictures of everything I saw. The scenery from the bridge was so beautiful. We got an early night as we had a busy day planned ahead, we did a great tour around the city, it was very helpful to have a tour guide for a while. It was a lovely few days there exploring the city. We have had a blast in San Fran and I have loved every minute of the trip so far.   I can’t wait to visit Los Angeles tomorrow it’s going to be so exciting. I wonder will I meet any celebrities? At the moment we want to visit Disneyland Park for a day which would be amazing to see while we are here. We also want to see the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Hollywood sign and to spend a day along at Venice beach. I am also looking forward to getting home and seeing all of ye. I can’t wait to see everyone at home. I’ve picked up a few presents for ye all of course.

Love you always,