Land of the gods

mary immaculate secondary school

 Adonis Hotel,




                                                                                                                                                 08 May 2019

Dear Aunt Sybil,

OMG, you won’t believe where I’m writing from, Athens! I am actually here, the place I have been longing to visit my entire life. It’s a shame you can’t be here with me, but I will tell you everything.  Firstly, I cannot recommend Aer Lingus highly enough, the staff were so friendly, and the service was amazing. On our descent into Athens, I could see the sky-piercing mountains that enclosed the land and its civilization. The ocean looked like glitter was sprinkled on the surface.  I got off the plane and was met by the most fabulous weather. The sun’s rays were beaming from above, caressing every inch of my body.  I was literally hugging myself with delight on our way to the hotel. The following day we went to explore the ruins of the Acropolis. I could feel my excitement building ready to burst like a cork from a champagne bottle. You know how much I love history and mythology. We went to see the Parthenon first. I loved the fact that construction began 447 BC and it is still standing. The view from the Parthenon was breath taking in every way. It’s like standing on top of the world but a million times better. This ancient citadel has centuries of stories concealed amongst each and every pillar. I would even consider becoming an archaeologist to uncover these secrets.

After a fabulous day of sightseeing we were starving, and we wanted to try the local food before we went back to the hotel.  I tried honey and baklava which is basically pastry with honey and groundnuts. It was divine, food of Gods. The scent of the baklava had a hint of freshly baked bread. As you separated one half from the other you could see the stickiness of the honey in between and crumbs falling on to the plate. As you placed your fingers on the pastry to pick it up, honey slowly dripping from the sides and the crunchiness of the groundnuts blends the taste so well with the honey. This had to be one of my favourite experiences.   The following day Mom and I decided to the beach after the long exhausting hill climb to the Acropolis. Navagio Beach is quite a popular beach in Athens. People say it’s because of the cold waters but I personally like it because of the white cliffs and the changes in the colour of the water. This may sound strange but during the day the water is often different shades of turquoise but at sunset, it changes to a deep blue. As you know, Greece gets very hot at times so the beach is the perfect place to be.  Another thing about Greece is that the local people are very nice and welcoming. This is probably because they have adapted to all the tourists that visit annually. Once mom dropped her wallet and didn’t notice, a random guy walking in the street ran after us and gave it back to her. You would think Athens would have a lot of crime, but we felt safe everywhere we went.  I would really like to visit this place with you as I know you would love it. I’m pretty sure you would enjoy the warm soothing evenings. If not that you will definitely love the cold waters of the Navagio beach.

I hope to see you soon because I miss you. Have a great day and don’t forget to smile.

Love Nakai