Glenamaddy Community School

Hotel Legend,

Old Town,



Dear Granny,

I am writing to you from Krakow in Poland. Mum, Dad, Kayla and Emma are here too. We are staying in a big hotel called the Hotel Legend. I am sharing a room with Emma and Kayla. Mum and Dad are staying in a room down the hall from ours. On Monday, we went home early from school and Dad drove us from our house to Shannon airport. When we got there, we checked in our bags and went through security. We went to the shop in the airport and bought an adapter and a pack of cards. We got dinner at a restaurant in the airport. When our flight opened, we went downstairs to our gate. Everyone boarded the plane. I was sitting in-between Dad and Emma. It was a 3-hour flight so I watched a movie on my iPad. The flight seemed to last forever and by the time we got to Krakow, it was nearly 12 there because of the time difference. We arrived in Krakow and got our bags. We got a taxi to our hotel which was situated near the main square. We were very tired so as soon as we got to our room we went to sleep.

On the first day, we went for an adventure around old town. We tried polish foods before going into a shopping centre. We got a hot chocolate in Costa and started shopping I bought a pair of Adidas shoes for half the price of what they would have been in Ireland. Mum bought a jacket in New Yorker and we went back to the hotel. On the way back we stopped in the main square and went in to the tower, the church and the shopping centre that is in the middle of the square. I bought a hoodie saying Poland on it. We got back to the hotel and changed into warmer clothes. We went back to main square and went to an Irish pub. I got a burger and chips and we watched a soccer match. As we were very tried, we went back to the hotel and played UNO and cards.

On Wednesday, we got picked up at our hotel and brought to Auschwitz. We brought lunch with us and ate it when we arrived. We then began the tour. As there is a lot of different people coming from all over the world, there is a lot tours in different languages. We were given headphones and our guide had a microphone. We saw the gas chambers, where people were and their belongings were kept. It was very hard to be in a place where millions of people died because of their religion or race etc. We then went Birkenau. This is where they 2 / 2 brought all the Jews and took all their belongings. They killed the disabled, old or very young as they could not work and were a waste of space. They brought the rejects to an onsite gas chamber. The rest of the Jews were brought to Auschwitz to be slaved. It is Thursday now and we are going home soon. We just came back from doing a wax museum. Going home tonight.

I’ll call in tomorrow when I’m all rested up.

See you soon,