I’m safe for now

Coláiste Nano Nagle

Dear Family,

I’m alive! I am safe for now. I don’t know when you are going to receive my letter but just know that I am alright. I am currently staying at the top floor at a hospital in the city of Tokyo. The water from the tsunami has damaged the rest of the hospital floors so I just hope that somebody notices us in here. As you have probably seen from the News there has been an earthquake and a severe tsunami in Tokyo. I don’t know where it started and how much damage has been done, but where I was it was devastating! The tsunami hit Tokyo around 10 a.m on Tuesday. Leah and I were getting ready in our hotel room. That day our class had planned to go to see the city and go shopping. Our hotel room was on the twelfth floor. The view out of the window was unbelievable! Our hotel was at the heart of the city and when you look out of the window you could see the beautiful sights of Tokyo. Suddenly an earthquake hit. It was shocking to me as I’ve never been in one before. It scared me and Leah. It wasn’t that strong. I think most of the tall buildings in Tokyo were well built but some weren’t. I didn’t think the earthquake was that serious until I saw some buildings being demolished outside my window in the distance. I started to feel scared and unsafe. I hid in the bath for a while and once I was brave enough to come out again I did. I reunited with my class on the ground floor of the hotel. Nobody was hurt, Thank God. A siren went off around our area advising all residents to evacuate quickly to higher ground as there could possibly be a tsunami. I ran throughout streets that I didn’t know and I was passing unusual buildings. I was so afraid that my heart skipped a beat. Eventually, I found a high rise building that looked like a hospital. In a split second, I heard crashes and roars from behind me. I saw my life flash before my eyes ….. Coming towards me was a monstrous wave. I witnessed people being tossed with the waves tearing down every building in sight. As my legs were moving rapidly towards the building for safety, my lips started to tremble with fear and my eyes watered so much I couldn’t see what was in front. Daunting thoughts started to enter my mind. Once I got to the stairs the gigantic wave was much closer now …. Suddenly it took me from my feet and I was hurtled into objects. I was in the water for so long I was losing breath. I started to see flashbacks of memories and I saw a white outline of somebody, I couldn’t tell who it was as I can’t remember much now. I felt weak. I eventually got hold of the stairs and dragged myself up flights of stairs. When I got to safe ground I noticed my leg was in an abnormal shape and my head was bleeding. I was seen quickly and since then I’ve had a speedy recovery. That day was the most distressing and traumatic day of my life. From the window of the hospital, I have seen things that will never leave my mind. I haven’t heard from my class since that day either. I hope I get home soon! I don’t know if I will ever get in contact with you as there are no telecommunications and time is running out.

Keep us in your prayers, I love you all.

Good bye ❤️