Ignorance is Bliss

Ard Scoil na nDéise

Dearest Mother,

Hello, Mother. How are you today?

I hope you are well. I am having a lovely time at Saint Bridget’s Girls Academy. I simply cannot believe that I am almost finished with the first term! I wish we were able to write more. The headmistress limits only two letters each term. She says it builds character. I don’t know if you received my previous letter. When I didn’t receive a response I assumed it simply was lost in the mail. Maybe you did send a letter, and some sort of issue occurred in the mail room. I suppose we may never know! I was saving my second letter for something important, however, not much importance can occur in the span of two weeks. I truly am very excited to see you and Jack, he was growing like a weed this summer. Has he broken 4’6” yet? For the whole summer, he boasted, saying he would reach his dream height before I left for boarding school. He was very disappointed the day I departed. I promised him that by the time I returned for Christmas holidays, he would be even taller than 4’6”. His jaw dropped as if that was the most absurd thing he ever heard in his life.

I have to ask you something: Why have you not filled out the paperwork to take me home this Christmas? The nuns sent it home two weeks ago, all the other parents have returned the papers by now. I told them they may have the wrong address, seeing as you never responded to my first letter, however they ignored my opinion. I’m sure it will all be sorted and there is no point fussing about it, I just wanted to make you aware. I am looking forward to spending two full weeks at home! I don’t mind the amount of work we are given here, but the limitations truly irk me. We aren’t allowed to go outside except for certain hours, we aren’t allowed to speak unless it is free time or meal time, we aren’t even allowed to use the restroom apart from designated times in the day. In addition, we are permitted no access to any technology, including television, radio, or mobile phones. Interestingly enough, losing the news is what I despise most about this restriction. I was never too keen on watching the news, however, I miss that sense of connection. Now that I’ve lost it feels as though anything could be happening in the world, and I’d continue sitting blissfully unaware at a desk, reading ‘Animal Farm’. I know that is an extreme way of viewing the situation, yet I can’t help wonder what I’ve missed over the past four months. I suppose that is all I have to say for now. Tell Jack I said hello! I know I’m writing very late in the term, you may receive this letter while I’m home.

I just wanted to write!

With love,