I love being on holidays!

John Scottus NS

Dear passengers,

It’s amazing here, the azure sea view out the window, the pool a few stories down; everything’s perfect. The resort is really luxurious. Just to relax in the warm pool, which is basically what I spent the whole day doing, it makes me feel so calm. You could stay for hours and not get bored. You can get drinks and food from the pool bar. There was also a hidden mini golf course. When I wake up I would just stand out on the balcony for ten minutes relaxing.

I also went to a water park which was mostly hidden in beautiful palm trees. I went on nearly every single ride, some went up so high. You need flip flops or else your feet will burn but there is a good side to the sun, whenever you’re on the lazy river you definitely won’t get cold.   In the evening we went to the city, there was a really good food restaurant. But when we typed it into the G.P.S. it was impossible to find exactly where it was, eventually, we asked one of the locals where it was and it was pretty hidden. The food there was amazing it tasted so good. I ordered chicken wings and they are possibly the best I’ve tasted. After we ate, we went to a gelato shop and I got a waffle with ice cream on it and a macaroon.

I love being on holidays!

Yours sincerely,