Holiday letter

Glenamaddy Community School

Gloria Palace Hotel,

Puerto Rico,

Gran Canaria.

21st March 2019

Dear Granny and Grandad,

Greetings from Sunny Puerto Rico. On our first day, We went Lago Taurito Waterpark. It was only a ten minute taxi from our hotel. When we got to the waterpark, there was a huge queue of excited people wanting to get into the waterpark. Finally, we got into the waterpark and got our area and deckchair. Once we got our stuff sorted I was so hot and sweaty that I had to go into the water so I went down the Huge Banana Slide. I queued in a queue of anxious tourists awaiting the high slide. Ater a while, I got to the wave pool and joined the excitement. People were screaming as the waves started to approach. We absolutely loved our day at the Lago Taurito Waterpark. I want to go back again. On our second last day we went to Puerto Mogan. Puerto Mogan is a small remote island outside Puerto Rico that takes about 15 minutes on a boat. Every Thursday there is a market on in Puerto Mogan which we decided to go to. When we got to the small island it was very easy to spot the famous market. There was a lot of Irish and English tourists at the market but there was also a few Spanish tourists too. It was so easy to spot the Irish and English tourists because they were all red and burnt. The market was full of souveniers and some clothes. There was also some traditional Spanish foods in the market. After the market we went for some lunch at The Shamrock Bar. It was full of Irish tourists. By this time in our holiday we were very burnt and in need of some shade so we decided to sit inside rather than outside in the beaming hot sun. I really loved Puerto Mogan because it was a really cultural Spanish village and I got to buy some lovely souveniers for my friends. After a lovely week in the sun it was time to head home. My favorite part of any holiday is the flight. I love airplanes. On the flight I bought a lego Aer Lingus airplane. The flight home seemed so short because I was busy building. On the flight I also got some sweets to chew on while we were landing so my ears wouldn’t pop. Once our flight landed we went to the baggage carousel and collected our bags. At the baggage carousel we saw the air hostesses that were on our flight and they waved at me, they were so friendly. We got to the car awhile later and it was time to get home to see Bonnie. Write soon and let me know all the news.

Your favourite granddaughter,