Holiday in Australia

John Scottus

Dear Mum,

I am in Australia.

It is very hot and sunny here.  In the night you can hear all sorts of insects and small animals wriggling and shuffling through the leaves and bushes. There are also many beaches here in Australia.  You can always see people relaxing on the beaches,and many people surfing as well.   On my first night I had a long rough night’s sleep.  It’s not just the heat but that morning, when I had a shower and tried to wear my shoe, a huge poisonous looking scorpion climbed out.  Later, after that was all cleared up, I planned to go on a safari and spot lots of cool animals.

When it was time to go I hopped into the Jeep.  I gazed at all those animals I had never seen before. There were Kangaroos jumping happily up and down,  there were koalas sleeping and munching on leaves and finally there were dangerous rattlesnakes. Last night I had a good night’s sleep and there weren’t any scorpions in my shoe. When I finished eating my lunch I headed down to the beach to do some surfing. After changing into my swimsuit, I got my surfboard and jumped into the water. This is my first time doing surfing and it is quite hard to surf on the humongous waves. I reached the hotel and I’m now going to fly back to Ireland.

Yours Sincerely,