Hello from Portugal

John Scottus NS

Travel Writers Competition

By Cate Reid

Dear Sue,

We’ve finally made it to Portugal. The weather is marvellous. We’re staying in a homely little apartment.   Every morning we walk down a small hill and get a beautiful view of the vivid bluey-green ocean.   Around midday, we arrive at the crowded beach. We get ready to walk on the hot, fiery sand. Ready, Set, Go! And we’re off, in search to find a spot on the sand. We settle in a calm quiet spot ready to take a dip in the water. I observe my feet in the clear waters while the sun is beating down on my back.   Calm waves gently swim towards the shore. I splash about until a wave will give me a push towards the shore . We get back from our fun filled day, but I’m not finished swimming just yet. Splash! I’m in the pool outside and I begin to practise my under-water handstands, but wait, I meet a competitor. We dive into the pool and begin our battle. One hand touching the floor, no hands at all.

I’m tired from my day and also quite peckish, so we head out to a lovely restaurant. And spend our evening laughing and and taking pictures.