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Dear Parents,

My friends, my sisters and I are so much fun in Hawaii. We’ve already done so much. On Monday the day after we arrived, we went to the beach. The beach was so beautiful. The water was crystal clear with a little hint of lights blue. The sand looked very clean. On Tuesday we went zip lining. I was super nervous waiting in line because we were so high up, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. It was really relaxing going down. I could see the nature below me and it helped calm me down. That night we went out to a Hawaiian restaurant. It was out in the open and very colorful. There was Hawaiian dancers to entertain us. The garments they wore reminded me of the movie Moana. The girls wore colorful tops and skirts with a lei and men wore grass skirts that hung from there waist down to their ankles. The was amazing. It had the perfect amount of spice and flavorings for me. On Wednesday we went swimming with dolphins. The dolphins were sweet and gentle around us. They were bigger than I thought they would be in person. On Thursday we went hiking. It was such a struggle going up the mountain, but it was worth it in the end. The view was breathtaking, magical almost. The sun was setting. Shades of oranges, pinks and reds filled the sky. The greenery below looked beautiful under the sunset. It was also great lighting for pictures. Going down the mountain was way easier than going up it. That’s all the stuff we’ve done so far. I’ve so much time telling you about what I’ve done that I forget to tell about the place we’re staying in. We are staying in a beach house that we rented for a week and a half. The house has a blue and white theme with big windows. It has 6 bedrooms, a bathroom in each room, a main bathroom, a lounge area that has a good view of the beach, a kitchen and a sitting room with a big tv. The lounge area is my favorite part of the beach house because it a very nice view of the beach and its very relaxing to sit there under the sun. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing so it’s great for pictures. The room I’m staying in is also very nice. It has a queen-sized bed. The covers are white, and the pillows are white and blue. It has two bed side tables with a blue lamp on both. It has a giant window and you can see the beach from it. I am so excited for next week were doing a lot of water sports. We are going wind surfing, cave diving and so much more.

Anyways that’s all for now and sorry I took so long to write this letter I was just super busy this whole week.

I’ll write to you next time I’m free bye for now.