Happy Times in the Harry Potter Studios

Presentation P.S, Clonmel

Dear Parents,

We just came back from the Harry Potter Studios. We got lots of pictures for you. We were an hour early, but we were told to just go in. When we reached the end of the line, we entered a large room. A man gave a small speech, explaining rules, and then we went into a room designed to look like a cinema. We watched another short video, and then a member of staff called up a small girl to open the Great Hall doors. We went inside! We heard all about the Great Hall. After, we saw the costumes, and some of the props. We saw the boys’ dormitories, the potions classroom and Dumbledore’s office. We continued on to Hagrid’s Hut, and then the broomsticks. After, we went into the Forbidden Forest. Gigantic spiders came from the roof to the floor. I hated it, and was glad when we left to go to platform 9 ¾. We went to a section of the room where it looked like the inside of a carriage. A voice told us to act out certain things, and a video was taken. We stopped for lunch, then went on to Gringotts. This part was new and it was very exciting. We saw how Gringotts was built, the main room, and the destruction of the main room. We entered a large, dimly lit room with a huge Hogwarts Castle. This was the last part of the tour.

It was very exciting.