Greetings from Paris

St. Patricks National School, Glanworth, Co-Cork

Greetings from Paris

Hi Mam,

It’s me again, your favourite daughter writing from Paris. To tell you the truth I’m really settling in now. I love it here as it’s nice and quiet and you’re never in a rush for anything. It’s like the time flows with you! oh yeah, I’ve managed to finish the painting I was talking about the last time. It’s now hanging up on my bedroom wall as we speak!! Paris is so inspiring. I love wandering around the fabulous art galleries and getting inspired by all the fabulous art work. The scenery isn’t bad either and I went up the Eiffel Tower and its views nearly took my breath away. I can also say that I have nearly moved all my stuff in. I sorted the kitchen and got new cups delivered today. I’m ready to start cooking some cordon bleu!! I’ve new blinds on all the windows and I don’t know myself. Tell the gang I said hi!!

Bye for now,