Greetings from London

Colaiste Phobal Ros cre

Dear Sophia

Greetings from London! Gosh, it’s like a dream come true, being here. You would know of course. How many times have I gushed to you about my dream of traveling to Europe, and now it’s come true! I can just imagine you smiling as you read this letter. Trust me, I miss you loads. I wish you were here!   London is by the way breathtakingly beautiful. The weathers grey and damp, but that does nothing to dampen my spirits, let me tell you! We have just returned from the city tour, and I saw the most amazing Wax Museum ever. The Madame Tussaud’s Museum! It has wax statues of all these celebrities and actors, and it was exciting beyond belief to take all my pictures with those statues, almost like standing next to the real person!   How’s your vacation going? Are the art classes any good? I’m sure you’ll teach the teacher a thing or two about pencil sketching, don’t you always! We should meet up because I have endless things to tell! Anyway, write back soon. I’m waiting for your reply. Can’t wait to get back home and hug you tight!

Yours sincerely,