Greetings from Barcelona

Mary Immaculate Secondary School

Geranis 1,

08338 Premia de Dalt,



Dear mum,

The flight to Barcelona was just extraordinary, I flew with Aer Lingus from Dublin and the flight assistants were extremely nice and friendly.  It was a smooth flight and felt like I was just sitting on the couch at home.  It was dark when we left but you could still see the clouds and the moon’s glare making the oceans sparkle like stars, it was a fascinating view.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I realized straight away that it was way hotter than Ireland and that this trip was going to be great.  I was most excited to go to the Formula 1 that Sunday and God was that feeling good.

The weather was gorgious, and I couldn’t wait  to see the villa that I was staying in. It definitely reached my expectations and better it had a pool down the road.  My room was the biggest in the house so I was very grateful. The following day I went to the “Formula 1” and I had the time of my life.  It took a while to get in because of the amount of people who were there but once in, I was blown away by the track.  It was the last time that track would ever have another Formula 1 race there because it was being replaced by the Holland Track.  I was extremely happy to be there for that reason mostly.  Another reason was because my favorite driver Valtteri Bottas was starting up front and I was in hope he would win the race.

The race started, and Hamilton of all people went up in front with a really good start.  No one over took Hamilton or Bottas actually, there was only one over take all race, it wasn’t very exciting.  We got back to the house, and everyone was disappointed with the result.  But it was a beautiful day and the sun was splitting the rocks.  The shadow of the trees looked like human shadows because of the way the branches were cut.  Never the less I had fun at the races.  Besides the Formula 1, I liked the Formula 2, the Porsche Cup and the Formula 3.

Dad was upset with the results and wanted to make the holiday a little bit better.  So, he the following day he brought us all to PortAventura World. That was the best part of the holiday, I got front row seats on all the rides.  I love the thrill of roller coasters they’re my absolute favorite.  There was a really long queue for one of the rides.  We had to wait for 50 minutes just to get on it.  It was worth it though, it was the last one I went on and I am happy it was, because it was amazing. The scariest one I went on was Red Force.  It is 112-meter-high and goes 0 to 180 kmph in five seconds.  I’m pretty sure it’s the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world.

So, that’s what I’ve done on my trip so far, I can’t wait to get back home and tell you more about it.

All my Love