Fun times in Havana

Presentation P.S, Clonmel

Dear Mam and Dad,

How are you? Havana is AMAZING! On Monday I cycled 25k around the town. On the way back I met a taxi driver who gave a lift home, which was very kind of him, considering it was midnight. I was so tired that when I got to the hotel, I went into what I thought was my room and went to sleep, only to find a very cross couple staring down at me the very next morning! On Tuesday I took a Latin dance class. Since I have two left feet, this also didn’t go too well. That night my friends and I went out to a party in the hotel. I had a glass or two of a very sweet juice. After we drank the juices, the waiter told us not to drink a full glass because it might make us sick. I woke up the next morning, walked into the bathroom and vomited all over the place. Let’s just say I spent the next few days confined to bed. I hated this because all my friends were going out to parties. Thankfully I felt a bit better today so I will be fit for tomorrow. It`s my final day here and I had planned to go swimming with some friends at the beach. It just started to rain, so I will probably be stuck in the hotel for the rest of the day.

Luckily there is a games room!

With love from Cara.