Flawless Globe

Colaiste Nano Nagle

Hey May,

It’s been a while! Last time, you were inquiring about my little adventure in Japan. And let me tell you, it was a tremendous experience!! I got to learn some of their culture and see the breathtaking scenery. We even got on the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing! It’s in Tokyo and if you look up from there, you can see so many luminous and neon boards sprinkled everywhere. But only at night. Not the most exhilarating journey because, well…. you’re only crossing a road. But it’s still cool! In Japan, trains are very commonly used. In fact, my family primarily used trains for transport (we walked a lot too) and vending machines were placed on the waiting platform. I know this might be strange to mention but the surprising price and bizarre items are worth the attention. The currency gap between Euro and Yen (Japan’s currency) is so large that a normal bottle of cola would cost ¥300! That’s not all! The items sold could range from cooling beverages to live beetles! Apparently, children of Japan love battling with tiny beetles and many are sold in vending machines (I think it’s kind of controversial). The meals in Japan were certainly scrumptious, though we usually go to big-name companies like Mc Donalds due to the fact that we aren’t familiar with the environment. Not knowing which restaurant that would be good quality and or cheapest is a tad stressful but at least we still got to try some Japanese food! My father told us that we should not stick our chopstick into a bowl of food. Instead, placed it in a horizontal manner on the bowl because when someone from Japan sticks chopsticks into a bowl of food, they are offering the food to the spirits. And if we do stick the chopsticks in the bowl with half-eaten food, we’re disrespecting the spirits. There was a shop called Standing Sushi and they didn’t have chairs!! (Really wacky). Every customer there had to stand while eating! My family thought that would be kind of sore to stand and eat so we never went there but what a unique place! Now I kind of wish we went there because it is not every day you pass a shop like that. There were many temples in Japan too! We went to a temple but I can’t remember the name of it. While we walked to said temple, there was this pool of running water. It had a bamboo faucet with a spoon that was also made of bamboo.  During that day there was a wedding going on. We saw the bride walking through the temple with a trail of people following behind her! They all wore black and white clothing which was weird to me, but I guess it’s a tradition. We also went to Mount Fuji!…kind of. We thought we were going to Mount Fuji, but it was foggy that day and so the railway to travel up Mount Fuji was unavailable. My siblings and I were bummed out but my dad brought us ice cream from a nearby village to cheer us up (and it did). While we were going back by train, we saw the tip of Mount Fuji from a tiny window in the train that framed the mountain perfectly. That was enough for me to be awestruck and though I didn’t feel the intended experience, I still enjoyed the memory I made with my family. There are so many other places I wish i could expand on, like the arcade games in Tokyo, the dog statue that has the saddest I had laid my eyes on(I love you, Hachiko!) and so much more! But it’s getting late and I’m so eager to send this back you. Hope you answer back soon!

Love, Brenda