St. Louis Dundalk

Hey Niamh

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a letter instead of just texting you. Well, it’s €50 cheaper if you get a house without internet and this is my way of coping. We’re just after coming home from the beach and it’s ROASTING outside. Mam won’t let me leave the house until I practically bathe in factor 50 sunscreen! The scenery is gorgeous though I hardly have time to enjoy it considering I spend most of my time searching for shade. The olive trees are amazing! I’ve never seen anything like them. Instead of just having the one trunk they have multiple small ones that dance around each other. Oh and the fireflies! They’re everywhere. I didn’t even know Corfu had fireflies but it’s hard to miss them. It’s a pity we can’t bring them home. When we first arrived me and Dad decided to rent a pedal boat to explore but guess what happened! This giant yacht went right past us and there was a massive shockwave! I was laughing mostly because Dad kept shouting at me saying “Stop laughing Sarah! We’re going to die!”. It was hilarious at the time but we were at least 500m from the beach and Dad could have been right about the last part… But I’m still alive so it’s all good!  One night we spent too long at the market and no taxis were available when we tried to go home. The issue was that we were a mile away from where we’re staying and the walk home was all uphill. The good thing was we met this nice lady in a pub and she gave us a lift home! They’re so nice over here, though Corfu is on a mountain so it was very scary driving at 90km/h when you know that one mistake would send you toppling over an incredibly steep edge! You and Shane would love it here. The only problem is that the beaches are all stony so my feet are in bits! We’re planning on going on a boat trip tomorrow (Though I think Dad’s still suffering from PTSD) so I’m looking forward to that.

What’s it like having the house to yourselves? Have you managed not to set anything on fire yet? Dad wants to know. I hope the dog’s doing okay. The beach is lovely. I actually snuck out last night to go and sea it (see what I did there) and oh my God, it was beautiful. The only light was coming from the fireflies and the waves were pitch black. Oh, and during the day when you look at the water, you can see tiny islands in the distance so I’m hoping we might go to see one of those. How are the exams going?

I know you’d rather be here than stuck in a stuffy hall but once you become a solicitor you can treat me to another holiday here and I’ll show you everything then!                                                                    Sarah