Fabulous Italy

Mary Immaculate Secondary School

123 Strada Veronique




Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve been in Italy for two weeks so far and I thought now would be a good time to write home, I’m currently in Venice but I’ll start at the beginning  I went to Shannon Airport in the early hours of the morning to catch my brilliantly affordable Aer Lingus flight to Turin. After a great flight experience, as always, I arrived in Turin. The weather was superb. I visited the palace of Venaria, a beautifully restored royal palace, it boasts also a very large park and garden which is an attraction in and of itself. The palace groud’s span over nine hundred and fifty thousand square metres, making it one of the largest palaces in the world. I spent a few hours in the gardens then I went exploring the city, I walked the streets which were buzzing with feverish excitement because Manchester United had come to town and were playing Juventus. I went to see the match in the Allianz Stadium. The atmosphere was electric, the game had attracted a full crowd. Throughout the match you could hear the deafening chants of both sets of fans. Manchester United ended up winning on away goals. When I woke up the next morning and looked out my window I saw the intricately detailed arcitecture of Turin, which was the first capital of Italy.  I went sightseeing in Turin for the following two days seeing some beautiful palaces and gardens. My next port of call was Milan. I visited the Leonardo Di Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology and I also got to see ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci. But by far the most impressive place Milan had to offer was Milan Cathedral, which is a must see gothic cathedral that took almost six centuries to complete. I spent a few days in Milan soaking up the culture and tradition. Next I was off to Verona to see the Verona Arena, a large Roman Amphitheatre. I spent a few days relaxing by the crystal clear waters and pure white beaches of Lake Garda. I drove on the Strada della Forra, a breathtaking scenic drive located on the left side of Lake Garda which has sometimes been described as the eigth wonder of the world. Then I made my way here to Venice, where I have seen the outstanding Saint Marks Basilica which overlooks the bustling Saint Mark’s Square. I have also taken a gondola trip up the Grand Canal. Tomorrow I am off to Rome, where I can’t wait to see all the attractions.

Throughout my time in Italy, the sun hasn’t stopped shining and the food is so delicious,

I miss you and love you lots, see you soon,

Love Jack.