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5th June 2014

Dear Izzy,

I hope you are enjoying the summer back at home. We are on day three here in Paris and the weather is amazing, although Alannah won’t stop complaining that it’s too hot. I’m not sure if dad told you about the fiasco that happened the night we left for Paris. You were probably asleep when we left, it was only two in the morning! Anyway, once we had reached the airport , mum checked the passports and we realized that instead of bringing my passport, mum had picked up yours! I guess it’s true, we look alike! We had to call dad and he drove all the way to the airport with my passport. We sprinted all the way to the security check, but when my suitcase went through the security scanner a member of the airport staff told us that there was a problem with my bag. We searched the depths of my suitcase but we couldn’t find whatever it was that was causing the havoc. Mum was growing worried that we would miss the plane. Eventually we opened my lunch bag and found an actimel yoghurt drink! We tore down to the departure gates and made it by the skin of our teeth. Everyone else had already boarded and the flight attendant was closing the doors. It’s a good thing we were so early for our flights in the first place! Today we went on a day trip to Jardin d’Enfants which had a water park and different rides. We went on a giant carousel and a roller coaster before going to the water park. As we were running around under the fountains, i heard a yelp. I turned and saw Alannah sitting on the ground with her hands clasped around her head. She had slipped on the sun cream covered tarmac and had wacked her head against the concrete. Luckily, she didn’t have a concussion but it sure wasn’t a fun ride home that evening. Last night we climbed the Eiffel tower but we had to wait in line for HOURS beforehand. It was completely dark by the time we reached the top but it was worth the wait. I could see a million stars and the twinkling city laid out below us. However, it was a windy night and as I was leaning over the rails on the top floor a sudden gust of wind lifted the red beret from my head and it fell towards the ground, never to be seen again. After climbing back down the tower, we walked into an open park and watched the whole tower come to life as it glittered with little lights. I’ll show you pictures when we get home. Well, that’s what happened on our trip so far. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, that’s for sure! Hopefully there will be no catastrophes!

I’ll see you when we get home tomorrow night, if you are awake.