john scottus


To Mum and Dad,

I remember the horrible sound of my iPhone alarm. I ordered a taxi, got on my comfy tracksuit bottoms and jumper, brushed my teeth and hopped in the cab still half asleep my eyes adjusting to the light outside. As I put on my seat belt, I said ‘airport please.’ ‘No problem,’ said the driver.  I was there within twenty minutes, since I live so close, and waved bye to the driver. I was so excited that I practically skipped in passed check-in, since I was alone, and straight to the closest breakfast place and ordered the biggest meal I’ve ever eaten before.   There was still half an hour until my flight because I like to give myself a lot of time so I don’t miss my flight so while I still had time I dandered off to security and went through the scanners. After I went to the shops and bought a Toblerone Bar, Pringles and a weird flavour of Fanta before strolling off to the gate. I was excited to be flying Aer Lingus because there’s so much room and all the staff are really nice.   When I got on the plane I heard ‘hi, ticket and passport please.’ A hostess said to me pleasingly ‘Yeah sure’ I said back to her.

I sat down and drifted off to sleep and when I woke up I wrote this…

Yours forever Shea