Scoil Dara

Room 37,

Harbor hotel,


9 May 2019

Dear Mam and Dad,

I hope your well, I’m incredibly jet lagged after the journey. It’s a long story so I’ll keep it nice and short.

After I found my reclining chair in first class I was offered a hot meal by the waitress. I refused it because the day before Ciaran told me that they put some stuff in the food that makes you fall asleep quickly. However it was a ten hour journey so I had to eat something at some point or other.

At two pm I already felt hungry despite the full Irish breakfast. I headed to the restaurant at the back of the plane and filled my tray with a bit of everything on display. After I ate as much as I could hold which was only half of what I took I felt like I just ran five kilometers on stiff legs. I dragged my feet back to my seat and collapsed into the cushions and slept like a baby. The last thing I noticed was the man on the other side of the aircraft point a gun at the waitress who was running fearfully towards the cockpit.

I woke suddenly from a nightmare about a plane crash that didn’t feel like a dream. When I opened my eyes a team of doctors were crowded around me. One of them was holding a syringe in his hand, others had clip boards and first aid equipment with them. The doctor with the syringe asked how I was, I said grand which is usually the first word I say whenever someone asked me how I was but I wasn’t anywhere near grand. My head throbbed, my limbs were stiff and I could see cuts and bruises on my face in the reflection of the tv screen on the seat in front. I asked them what happenend and they told me both pilot and copilot were unable to control the plane.

This didn’t explain the man with the gun I stood up to see if I could get a glimpse of him but I was the only passenger there. The docters told me that I was thrown around the plane when it crashed so they had to take me to the hospital to check for any brain injury but don’t worry all there was was a light concussion.

I got out this morning and found the hotel easy enough I’ll right again next week to tell you how I got on.

Bye for now,