Dr Granny (News from Perth)

St Joseph's BNS Terenure, (Terenure Road East, Dublin 6W)

Dear Granny/Granda,

Perth is fantastic. 40 degrees in the shade. No sign of rain. ‘The Freemantle doctor’ blows inland daily cooling the city. We’re surrounded by water. Perth is built on the Swan and the Canning Rivers. Dolphins are a regular sight as are black swans. I hear that the rivers are also home to Bull Sharks, (smaller and more aggressive than their salt water cousins) – but I haven’t seen any! I went surfing in the Indian Ocean. But you have to watch out for sharks. Box jelly fish are also a worry. This year there was an influx of tiny blue ringed octopus. They hide under rocks. One sting is deadly. There’s no anti-venom. Pests here are a little more dangerous than back home!!! They include poisonous snakes such as the dugite, the tiger snake and the common death adder.  Even so, the city is very safe with remarkably few snake related deaths. Mind you… you won’t find local children playing in the sand dunes like we do at Brittas or beating through the undergrowth with sticks!!!

I’ve a bit of exciting news too. While researching the family tree, I discovered that a distant cousin ended up in Perth. Patrick Murphy stole an apple during the Great Famine. At 24, he was deported to Australia for 3 years hard labour. I tracked down his great grand-niece. Maria Edwards is in her 80’s but remembers so much family history and really wants to keep in touch.

Missing you loads,