Disney Delight

St Josephs Spanish Point Miltown Malbay

                                                                                                                Rue de la Marnière,

                                                                                                           Disneyland Parks,






Hey Kelly!

I hope you are doing well back in Ireland. I miss you loads! I hope the weather is good back home, it’s roasting here in France. The sun burns brightly and you can really see the effects on pasty Irish skin….my nose is scorched I look like a lobster! Go ahead, laugh at me!!

Disneyland is magical! I landed in Paris at approximately five o’clock and arrived at Disney forty minutes later but it felt like an eternity. I wish I had paid more attention in French class in school it would have made the conversation with the taxi driver less awkward! The silence only added to my boredom and trepidation. After what seemed like a million years we made it to the happiest place on earth!

Since then I’ve been plaguing all of the characters for photos and autographs, I’m worse than a child! I had to frantically chase Peter Pan yesterday afternoon, I asked him to sign my baseball hat and he ran off with it! I followed him all the way to Thunder Mountain until, red faced and panting, I cornered him. He laughed and called me a slow coach and if that wasn’t enough he wrote it on my cap! But that’s just Peter being Peter. It was actually really fun and it’s the reason why I love this place so much, everything is light-hearted and in jest. There’s something unexpected round every corner, it’s great!

After that I decided to go back to Main Street and buy a bottle of water to quench my insatiable thirst. You will never guess who I met on the way. The first thing I spotted was the luscious red hair. Then I saw the ornate, oakwood, polished bow and that’s all I needed to know it was Merida!

My body seemed to forget the chase with Peter because I found myself sprinting with all my might to greet my favourite princess.

After many stumbles and near falls, I finally reached her. Clad in her green dress and wild curls flowing, she stood proudly, bow in hand and greeted me with that cheeky smile of hers. She asked how my day was going and I told her about my encounter with Peter. She found it very amusing and she told me how she had hidden his hat on top of the Wishing Well the week before! I made a mental note to throw that in Peter’s face the next time we met! I told Merida how she was my favourite princess and how she was inspiring to me. She gave me a grin and told me she was very honoured and gave me a massive hug. Oh don’t be jealous! Before we said our goodbyes, she taught me how to do a traditional Highland dance, needless to say she was much better at it than me! That afternoon I went to Star Wars land. My inner geek emergred with joy, it was amazing! The Millennium Falcon was out of this world I felt like Luke Skywalker going on an adventure! I met Chewie he was so cute and Rey taught me how to fly a Pod Racer! But then…. I met the man himself…Kylo Ren and oh my god was he terrifying! He preached to me about the First Order and told me that if I did not join him he would be forced to blow up my planet so I agreed to become his appreciate and be taught the dark side of the force…..Well what else could I do!? You have to admit it is kind of cool having him as a mentor and anyway black was always my colour! That was perhaps the most exhausting day of my time here. I was almost an hour getting back to the hotel because there was a parade on that evening so the crowd was enormous! But that meant it was quite so I had time to read and unwind before throwing myself into bed. I think since today is my last day I might go on the Tower of Terror. I’ve been putting it off because I’m such a baby but I’m feeling daring today so I think I’ll take a chance and go for it! Hopefully I’ll still be in one piece when I get to the airport! My flight is at six so I should be in Dublin around eight and don’t worry, I’ve bought you loads of presents! Remember when you told me you loved stuffed animals? I can practically see you’re impish grin now!

Wish me luck on the Tower of Terror I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures so we can laugh at my terrified face! I cannot wait to see you again, I miss the fun and laughter we have!

See you soon,