Dear Zion

Liosmór Mochuda N.S.

 By: Alexandra Stuart 6th Class – Liosmór Mochuda N.S., North Mall, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Dear Zion,

How’s life at home since ye got the llama? Are Ma and Da adjusting to it yet?  Anyway I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my trip after you asking. RIGHT SO, so far I’ve been to Source City and Kebab Kounty.  In Source City there were so many dragons of every colour. The shops were so cool and the currency was lavender flowers in silver, painted in different according to much they were worth.  I went to a Wizard Apprentice course for four days.  I learned so much and I even got a level 7 wand, the highest level is 101 but apparently only 12 wizards have achieved that and they are known as elders.  The days are 53 hours long and you sleep for 13 of those 53 hours. I brought ye all black magic necklaces. I can’t quite grasp what they actually do but it comes with a manual so it’s ok I guess. Next I went to Kebab Kounty.  It was so fun there.  There were exactly 1,004 kebab shops there and the kebabs were so tasty.  I went to every single kebab shop in the Kounty. It was easy and it was hard at the same time because the Kounty was really small but there was only 18 hours in the day and they sleep for eight of those.  People only eat kebabs there but everyone exercises so much it’s frightening.  There are so many gyms. You can buy cold kebabs that taste just as good when you heat them up, so I bought loads.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Dinohead. So, yeah please send me a letter.

From your dear brother.