Dear Tom

Scoil Mhuire Greenhill

Dear Tom,

How are you, my love? I hope you’re keeping well and that the kids are looking after you. I trust my boys will. And I know the girls are anyway. I hope they all still visit you and look after you. I hope you’re still cracking jokes and laughing with your hearty laugh. I think all of the McKnight’s inherited that laugh because when something’s funny and we’re all together the sound is deafening. I miss you Tom but I promise you I have no pain. Not that pain was ever a problem when I had you. It was always me and you against the world huh? My big gentle giant. You always looked after me. Always. My heart will always be yours. Always. How could I repay a lifetime of love? How could I repay the man that cared for me from the moment I woke up to the moment we said goodnight. Even at that you’d have breakfast ready for me every morning and you’d clean the house after I was asleep. You have the kindest heart and I love you with all of mine. I hope you’re not lonely Tom. I know it’s partly my fault because I kept you inside, I couldn’t go out with you. But you deserve company my love. You deserve to be laughing with the men down in the pub. Even though you were always too shy, and too stubborn!, to go down and talk to them. They’d be lucky to have you Tom. I can vouch for that, because I was the luckiest women alive with you. So please put yourself out there. When I thought of what I wanted to say to you the first thing that came to mind was to say thank you. Thank you for my everything, from the big things like our children to the small things like the everyday laughs. Laughs that are impossible to remember them all, they blur together into a lifetime of laughter. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for listening to me and caring for me even when it meant neglecting yourself. I hate saying goodbye. I want to kiss you and hold you one more time. Just once more. We’re lucky though Tom because there are people who spend their whole life looking for the love we had. That’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye, I’ve so much more to lose. Always focus on the positive my dear. I’m gone but you had me, I had you and I believe we still have each other. I can’t repay you but I promise my love is eternal, I love you way beyond the grave. I live on Tom. I live on in your mind, in the pictures, in the kids. I’m there when you see my armchair and remember the thousands of conversations I had with you on it. I’m there when Emmerdale comes on, I’d never miss it! And I’ll be there when you go too. I miss your voice, your face, your touch. I miss all of you with all my heart. My heart is full though, Tom.

Full of love and it’ll forever be yours.

I’ll forever be yours.

Love, Margaret