Dear mother…

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

Dear Mother,

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you and I am dearly sorry. Please don’t be worried about me. You may have seen many things on the news but I’m okay. It’s been quite hectic but I will make it through it. I know you would love to know more about my story. Although I don’t have much time I will try my best to tell you. It was as I said quite wild. It was something I never imagined. I was looking forward to a relaxing holiday with my friends when the disaster struck. Something I never thought would happen to me. But it did.  I jumped out of bed the Saturday morning I was leaving to go collect Sarah and head to Dublin airport to meet up with our friends. It was exactly like a normal day, I was clueless about what was ahead of me. I boarded my flight. I still remember the name of the plane. It was RWFT-0583. It was about 40 minutes into the flight I believe and suddenly I saw a woman begin to panic. She was at the top of the plane and I began to make out she was a hostess. My attention was dragged to a man’s voice. I wasn’t quite sure what role he had on the plane but my focus was more drawn to what was being said by him. “Ladies and gentlemen please may I have all your attention…” the man was unable to finish his sentence when a loud thump interrupted him that came from the front of the plane. Water began to fill the plane up. My feet began to get heavier and heavier, filled with water. I reached out in front of me towards the door. I pulled my body closer to it, struggling. After putting all my strength up into opening it opened slowly. I swam up until I saw the light, struggling to breathe. It was like my body was going to explode. I finally reached the top gasping for air.  I wasn’t quite sure but it felt like hours later I was exhausted. I must have been swimming and floating in the ocean for hours. To my surprise, there was an Island ahead of me. I can’t even explain how grateful I was to see land. I used up all my energy to get to this unknown island, hoping there would be something there that could help me. I was so lucky to find out that there was a small village on the unknown island. I had no clue where I was in the world. A family helped me get the medical attention I needed and took great care of me. I am hoping to be home soon.

I miss you and everyone at home so much.

It’s so different here on this island mother but I quite like it, although I do miss home dearly.

I really hope I get to see you very soon.