Dear Grandpa…

St. John of God Primary School

Dear Grandpa,

I miss you so much. I wish you could be here with me. The holiday was so sad as well as happy. It was wonderful in Bangladesh and really hot too. We travelled to a lot of places, and is wasn’t comfortable to tour around there because of the heat. We had the seven coloured tea. It’s basically lines or a strip of different colours in the tea. It tasted different too, and the food was mostly rice and curry. But I was used to that food because it’s what I usually eat at home in Ireland. Oh I miss you dear Grandpa… The first place we went to was the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. That’s where the airport is. We also went shopping and went to relatives’ houses, and all of that. That’s when I saw you and Granny for the first time in a long time. You were so kind and sweet. You got me cookies even though you had a sore leg. It felt good to be with my family in Bangladesh. Then the terrible event occurred. Suddenly you were in the I.C.U. of the hospital. They wouldn’t let me see you. I could barely see you through the window. No one told me what was going on. We went home. I kept waiting for you to come home. Eventually you were here… Your body covered. I miss you Grandpa, and I’ll always love you dear Grandpa.

From your loving granddaughter,