Czech it out!

St Louis Secondary School Dundalk

6 Sunshine street


 29 February

Ahoj Celia!

No, I didn’t learn to speak Czech on my trip to Prague. But I did, however (accidentally) learn that it is far too easy to spend 87 Korunas – €3.50 in Captain Candy. What? I love the fudge…   Terminal two is the best, with its sleek, modern architecture, the food court which makes you ravenous even if you’ve eaten a Man-Vs-Food worthy breakfast and the shops which just beg you to buy their top-of-the-range comfort memory foam neck pillows. My holiday started as most would. The lead-up thrill, the frenzy of “MAM, TELL ME YOU HAVE MY PASSPORT!” and finally the sibling squabble for the best seat on flight EI0644 – the window seat. I won :D. Immediately I noticed the trams in Prague. Everywhere. Nothing like the fear of being run over to kickstart your holiday. The Airbnb owner, Adriano, led us to Štěpánská, the place we were to stay, down a dark alley with a restaurant called “The Titanic” next door. That comforted me a little. Our apartment was on the top floor, with a heart-stopping view of the concert hall. After a quick dinner of the-cheapest-bread-we-could-find-á-la-water, we slept.  Let me just say, chimney cakes are life-changing. I have never tried anything quite like one, and probably never will again. They taste like apple that’s been brewing in cinnamon juice and the sweet tears of Jesus. Then to top it all off, a stream of piping hot chocolate is poured down the centre to form the masterpiece known as a Trdelník. That’s a mouthful. But trust me you want a mouthful of this! We happily (now not hungrily) made our way towards Old Town square to watch the 600-year-old astronomical clock strike on the hour. There are so many additional clocks on the original clock that I honestly couldn’t tell which clock was on the actual time. A raucous ‘BONG’ cleared that up for me. Tiny little apostle figurines danced around the clock face to a little tune of, you guessed it, more bongs. Skeletons rang their bells (don’t question it) and everyone cheered. The next morning, my family and I finally decided to take a tram. Where to? No idea. Why? Just for fun. Hotel? Trivago. I thought I would hate careening around corners at a speed that probably wasn’t legal, but it was thrilling! The people on the tram were pleasant and didn’t look at me strangely with my grubby old hat that I appropriated from Dad. The mystery tram adventure led to Prague Castle, with an insanely beautifully decorated gothic style cathedral in the courtyard – St. Vitus Cathedral. The guards looked like little dolls as they patrolled the grounds. On the way back, we stopped for one last trdleník and a traditional bratwurst, or street meat as I call it – it was incredibly delicious! I really hope you can visit Prague someday because it’s seriously the most fascinating city I’ve ever visited!

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