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March 11th 2019

Dear Mam and Dad,

I hope you both are coping well whilst I’m exploring India, I’m having the time of my life! This first week has opened my eye to so much of the world as I immerse myself into this spontaneous and delightful culture. As I write to you I am on my 7th day sitting in a local Cafe where there is a strong sense of community, I have been coming here where the women behind the counter, Ananya, greets me with a warm smile and big green eyes. Our goal was to see as much as possible and we’ve come to the stage where being tourists relentlessly has completely exhausted us so today we are having a rest. Just yesterday we partook in the festival of Holi which was positively life changing. It is the celebration of the change of season with Spring on its way, everyone throws colour powders on each other along with water balloons, embracing chaos whilst simultaneously thanking their Gods for the harvest season. It was so exciting to see how excited my friends were as we doussed ourselves head to toe in a prism of colours. Little girls raced the cobble streets screaming with joy, laughing with one another and it made me realise how despite visible differences, myself and these people are one and the same. After the festival Ananya had invited us to her home for a traditional Indian meal, she taught us the importance of the holiday for everyone in the city. It brings everyone together here and her family never miss it. In her beautifully decorated home, we ate chicken curry, samosas and an array of other rainbow filled foods. Every item exploded with flavour in my mouth, I have to admit I turned into quite a connoisseur! Ananya accompanied by her sisters entranced us with a ┬ádancing show. The dresses they wore had a spectacular design as they ebbed and flowed while they rhythmically moved, beads gleaming in the setting sun. The girls made a great effort to teach us the movements, however, we were pretty pathetic, years of Irish dancing has obviously taught me little! ┬áThe music was so exotic, the sounds came from an unfamiliar family I had yet to encounter in our repetitive modern genres where the same rubbish is often reproduced. These instruments had soul, these lyrics had meaning. I realised I was in more than their home but their hearts forever. For the rest of the night, we told stories and drank tea, I will cherish this holiday forever and always. I want to encourage the two of you to come here and produce your own story of this incredible country where love lives in the air and every day is a festival. I look forward to my last few days here, once I see you I will tell you much more.

Give everyone my best wishes,

Sincerely yours,