Cliffs of Moher trip

John Scottus NS

Dear Aunt Mary,

This morning we set off on our journey to the Cliffs of Moher. First a train to Galway, then a bus – quite a trip, I must say!   As we disembarked the bus, the clouds hung over our heads. Uncle Bill and I raced to see the sea, and there it was! Even with the clouds, the waves brushing against the taupe, barren rock were a spectacular sight! Overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, I sat down by the rocky wall while uncle Bill fetched a map.   “Look, Lucy, we can follow this trail to see more,” explained my uncle. I wondered what else we would see as we proceeded.   An hour in or so, my legs started to burn. “How much more, uncle?” I shouted. My uncle who was leading the way turned around and yelled, “Five more minutes!”

We walked the last couple of steps and then I could see it. The clouds kindly parted, a gust of warm wind blew towards us, the water glimmered under the sun rays. The bright colours shocked me and I felt pure happiness! It’s such a pity that you’re afraid of travelling, auntie, you’re missing so much! Cobalt water below you and the azure sky above – oh, it’s too wonderful to put into words!   I can hardly remember the ride home, too overpowered by today’s events. I swear, auntie, this night I’ll sleep like an angel! Wish uncle Bill luck for waking me up!

Your everloving niece,