Cat land

John Scottus NS

Travel writer competition

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am in Cat Land. I am having a catastic time here with Daisy. She is meowfully happy. We arrived and got off our Aer Lingus flight.  The Aer Lingus flight here was so nice, pet-friendly and cheap.   The weather here is crazy! It was snowing so much a minute ago and now it’s so hot. Daisy loved the snow but her paws got cold. Now she is sunbathing.   We checked into our cat hotel. Our room came with a complimentary cat care package filled with all sort of things cats would love. Daisy is about to meet with some fellow cats. This morning we went to Cat Cafe. I ordered a Berry Cat Smoothie and Daisy ordered the fluffy catuccino.   After that, Daisy and I went to the pool. Daisy sat in her bird floatie and we both swam. Some swans and ducks were in the pool so we said “Hi” to them. We also met a lovely squirrel called Barbara. Lunch came to us and I got a sandwich. Daisy got the cat food of the day; a chicken and fish dish. We then headed back to our rooms which is where we are now.   The signature dish here in the hotel is catatoie. And the signature drink is water since most cats can’t drink milk.

WAIT! I have to go! It’s snowing pink snowflakes!

Love you, Ava