Cartwheels in Sunny Beach

Marymount NS

Dear Kate,

I’m having so much fun here in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. I went on a pony trek with Darcy and Amanda. Then we went to the beach. We took some nice pictures, went for a swim and raced around the beach. We also bought you a present on Flower Street. I hope you love it. We also gave Aqua Paradise a little visit. So much fun! It’s also so hot here! Today it was 22 degrees celsius. Amanda got sunburn all over her back. We used four bottles of sunscreen! Oh, and did I mention Darcy’s cartwheel? Oh, how we underestimated that woman. Her cartwheel is so straight! Remember when we used to tease her about it all the time when we were kids? She has changed! We also got massages. I fell asleep. It will certainly become an inside joke of ours. It really isn’t as fun as it would be if you were here. You were always the light of the party. It’s been fun but it would be so much better if you were here. We bought ice cream in a cute, small, homemade ice cream shop and I felt like I was in heaven when I took my first lick. I got chocolate flavour and marshmallows. Darcy got vanilla and Amanda got strawberry. Unfortunately, Darcy dropped her ice cream. Weare coming back in two days. Our flight leaves at 2.00 am. I am so excited to see you again! It feels like forever.

Talk to you soon. Goodbye!

From Catilina.