St Clare's Comprehensive Manorhamilton Co leitrim

Bora Bora Island,

French Polynesia,


10th May 2019

To Mum, Dad and Roisin,

How are you all?  I hope you’re not missing me too much.  I am having an exceptional time over here in Bora Bora. I wake up every morning to an azure blue sky and a beaming hot sun, warming my heart as I take the first few glorious steps to the window.  As I draw the white lace curtains swiftly back, I am blinded by an explosion of colour; the crystal clear sea, twinkling like a thousand dancing diamonds in the sun.  I peer down and see the colossal golden rocks under the water, tumbling over each other like mountains of golden boulders. As I start my journey to the adorable beach café for my breakfast, I descend the rustic wooden steps of my thatched cabin.  Continuing down the board walk, I take in the fresh sea air and the dazzling morning sun, still low in the sky, painting flicks of pale pink and yellow, parallel to the horizon where the sea meets the sky.  It charges me with the positive energy I lack at home. Crossing the delicate white sand nearing “Shells Café”, I can feel the soft grains engulf my feet and embrace my toes.  Every morning I have juicy bacon on a slice of lightly crisp toast, with a steaming cup of milky coffee. It’s so peaceful here: around every corner there is another mesmerising scene of beauty.  It is surreal being in a place of this serenity.  I never want to go back to the choking fumes, busy loud streets and crippling expectations and responsibilities.  I wish you guys could come and experience the intense colour of the sky and the sea, the sun shines every day and the sky is unblemished by clouds. After breakfast, I usually stroll back down onto the wonderfully welcoming, warm, sand and perch under a palm tree, which I like to call my own! As my legs brush the silky sand and I lean back onto this crooked and winding palm tree,  I exhale every problem, worry and fear I own, and just live in complete, undeniable happiness.  While sitting under my tree, I often look up at the interesting texture of the bark, with fifty thousand triangles uniformly layered over each other in perfect balance. I’ve often tried to count them, but always gave up almost immediately after beginning.  I am still the impatient daughter you once had, I haven’t exhaled that yet! Anyways, I hope you are all well back home.  I’ll be like a new woman when I return from this sheer paradise. That is, if I can settle back into the harshness of reality, after living in this beautiful utopia for two heavenly weeks.

All my love, Aoife x